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I Know Your Name: Vital Stats

1. Your troll's name is a variation on your name, or a nickname you have. (+2) [ ]
2. Your troll's name sounds more 'human' than 'troll'. [ ] (Kinda.....I have met Mediehs before....)
2a. And it can specifically be attached to a human culture (ex. Japan, Ireland...) (+2) [ ]
3. Your troll's name is not something that would normally be used as a name (ex. gemstones, colours...) and it has nothing to do with their symbol or personality. [X]

4. Your troll does not have grey skin. (+5) [ ]
5. Your troll does not have black hair, and it is not explained (ex. colour dye, born with a streak like Eridan). (+2) [ ]
5a. Your troll does not have black hair, the colour is not their blood colour, and they were born with that hair colour. (+5) [ ]
6. Your troll's horns are not reddish-orange-yellow. (+5) [ ]
7. Your troll does not have yellow or blood-coloured eyes and it cannot be explained by blindness or death. (+5) [ ]
8. Your troll has a blood colour higher than Feferi. (+10) [ ]
9. Your troll has mutant blood that is outside of the hemospectrum (ex. black [as in #000000, not just a very dark red/blue/etc], white [as in #FFFFFF], rainbow...). (+10) [ ]

Could It Be Me: Personality and Descriptions

10. Your troll is described or shown as especially sexy, beautiful, or handsome. [ ] 
10a. So much so, that you would date them. [ ] 
10b. Your troll has numerous admirers or haters because of their appearance. [ ]
11. You concentrate more on your troll's appearance than anything else. [ ]
12. Your troll likes fashion. (+2) [ ]

13. Your troll is a pacifist. [ ]
13a. And high on the hemospectrum. [ ] (+2)
13b. And a seadweller. [ ] (+5)
14. Your troll actively fights against the hemospectrum or shows they don't care in an active manner. (+2) [ ]

15. Your troll's Trollian handle has more than two words in it. [X]
15a. Or it has less than two words in it. [ ]
16. Your troll's Trollian handle has nothing to do with their personality or symbol or some other characteristic about them. [ ]
17. Your troll's quirk is difficult to read. [ ] 
17a. It uses more symbols than letters. [ ]
17b. It uses misspellings in an attempt to sound 'cool' or 'edgy'. [ ]

18. Your troll has some sort of superpower and they are not below Kanaya on the hemospectrum (Vriska is the exception, not the rule!). (+3) [ ]
18a. And they are a seadweller. (+5) [ ]
19. Your troll has multiple superpowers. (+2) [ ]

20. Your troll's looks are ripped wholesale off of another character or canon. [ ] (+2)
20a. Their strife specibus. [ ] (+2)
20b. Their personality. [ ] (+2)

21. Your troll has both a Prospitian and Dersian dreaming self. (+5) [x]
21a. And they have no clear split persona/reason for doing so. (+10) [ ]

22. Your troll's hive is overly lavish. [ ]
22a. And they are a lowblood. [ ]
22b. And they are a mutant blood. (+2) [ ]

23. Your troll can go out in the daytime without repercussions. (+5) [ ] 
23a. And they are not a daywalker of any kind. (+10) [ ]

Remember Me: Past

24. Something special happened to your troll as a wriggler. [ ]
24a. Something that caused their blood to change somehow. (+5) [ ]
24b. Something that caused a mutation of another kind. (+2) [ ]

25. Your troll did not have a lusus. (+2) [ ]
25a. Or they were raised by another troll and not a lusus. (+5) [ ]
26. Your troll's lusus has an overdose of superpowers (ex. it can fly, teleport, change blood colours, and knows what'll happen next week). (+2) [ ]
27. Your troll's lusus can communicate in ways not appropriate to the animal/beast/monster they are based off of. [ ]
28. Your troll's lusus was overly cruel to your troll (not things like Vriska's spidermom needing food, more like actively abusive for no good reason). (+2) [ ]

29. Your troll ran away at any point. [ ]
30. Your troll lived in the streets. [X]
30a. And was never in danger of being culled. (+2) [ ]

31. Your troll has nearly been culled. [X] 
31a. And fought their attackers. [X] 
31b. And fought the drones. (+2) [ ]
31c. And culled at least one drone. (+5) [ ]

Your Love Is My Drug: Relationships and Quadrants

32. Your troll has no quadrants filled. [ ] (Moirail only)
32a. And has never been in danger because of it. (+2) [ ] (Moirail is an Indigo-Blood)

33. Your troll is somehow related to a canon character (not just meeting them in passing). (+5) [ ]
33a. Your troll has a quadrant filled with a canon character. (+10) [ ]
33b. Your troll is the parent, child, or sibling of a canon character. (+10) [ ]
33c. Your troll hangs around the canon characters more often than anyone else. (+5) [ ]
33d. Your troll and a canon character have known each other all their lives. (+5) [ ]

34. Your troll has done something that only a canon character should have done (ex. freed Aradiacestor from Doc Scratch, killed Bro...). (+2) [ ]
35. Your troll knows something only a canon character should know (ex. that John and Jade are siblings). (+2) [ ]
36. Your troll knows things that only Hussie should know. (+5) [X]
37. Your troll does something that changes the timeline (ex. prevented Becquerel from merging with Jack Noir, shoosh papped Gamzee before he killed anyone). (+5) [ ]
38. For all intents and purposes, your troll replaces a canon character. (+10) [ ]

39. Your troll has grubs through the course of the story. [ ]
39a. And they meet the grub. (+5) [ ]
39b. And they raise the grub as their own. (+10) [ ]
40. Your troll has grubs through unnatural means. [ ]
40a. Your troll gets pregnant. (+10) [ ]
40b. Your troll gets pregnant, and they are male. (+15) [ ]

Last to Know: Miscellany

41. Your troll is mixed with some sort of creature (not clothing like Nepeta). [ ]
41a. Your troll is partially human. (If this is the case, please proceed straight to the highest level of error.) [ ]

42. Your troll is explicitly based off of you in any way, shape, or form. (+2) [X]

43. Your troll is God Tier. (+2) [ ]
43a. And there is no explanation as to why. (+5) [ ]
43b. And they are not in a Sburb/Sgrub/etc session. (+15) [ ]

44. Another character has a fixation on your troll. [ ]
44a. And there is no good reason why. [ ]
44b. And it has to do with something from your troll's past or family. [ ]

45. Your troll has no ancestor. [ ] (Redglare)
45a. Your troll is the first with their symbol on all Alternia. [ ] 
46. Your troll's ancestor had a different blood colour from your troll. (+2) [ ]
47. Your troll shares no characteristics with their ancestor. [ ] 

48. You've wished your troll was real so you could be friends or lovers with them. [ ]
49. You've seriously thought you were your troll. [ ]
50. You feel insulted, attacked, or defensive when someone says they don't like your troll or that they may need improvement. (+2) [ ]
51. You feel like you need to 'justify' your troll to people who don't like them so that they 'get it'. [ ]
52. You've felt that this test insulted or attacked you or your troll. (+2) [ ]

negative quiz 

53. Your troll acts in ways that are appropriate for a troll. [X]
53a. In ways that are appropriate to their blood colour. (-2) [X]

54. Your troll has nearly been culled and did not make it out perfectly OK. [X]
54a. Your troll has actually been culled. [] (-5)
54b. Your troll has nearly been culled due to quadrant issues. (-2) [ ]

55. Your troll does not make excuses for the way they act. []

56. Your troll is genuinely ugly, obese, or otherwise imperfect in their looks (not just chubby or with a crooked nose). [ ] 

57. Your troll is scared of something and does not mysteriously get over that fear. [X] (Fucking Spiders man)

58. Your troll is somehow physically disabled. (-2) [X]
58a. And is in danger of being culled because of it. (-5) [X]

59. Your troll has run away from a fight because they were a coward. [ ] (More out of knowing he couldn't win)

60. Your troll has not been able to do something themselves. [ ]
60a. And they had to rely on someone else. [ ]
60b. And they gave up after trying. [ ]
60c. And they gave up without trying. [ ]

61. Your troll has been manipulated. [ ] 
61a. And doesn't realize it. [ ]
61b. And it has consequences. [ ]

62. Your troll has lied to someone. [X] 
63. Your troll has ignored wrongdoings in an attempt to fit in or not get in trouble. [X]

64. Your troll has acted awkward, and it is not seen as cute. [ ] 
64a. And other characters avoid them because of this. [ ]

65. You research things before putting them into your troll. (-2) [X]

66. Your troll is actively seeking out quadrants to fill. (-2) [ ]


-11 or less: Your troll might be an anti-sue, or really depraved. They could use work.
-10 to 15: Your troll is A-OK!
16 to 35: Your troll could use some work, but don't give up. They have potential.
36 to 55: Your troll is a Mary-Sue or Gary-Stu. Take a look back and see what you can do to cut some traits back.
56 to 75: Your troll needs a lot of work before you should post them anywhere or seriously consider them.
76+: Kill it dead. Or do an entire revamp. No fantroll should be this high.


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Joe C. Atwood
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
My name is J. Atwood i live in British Colombia and i enjoy doing pixel art in my spare time i do requests (sometimes) and commisions so...

critty let me do something for your comic... also watch proto ludum on twitch he has a great channel.


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